Villa FAQ's

What is the damage deposit?

The damage deposit is used as a guarantee against any damages that may be incurred during your stay. The cost of replacement of the damaged, broken, or missing item is deducted from the damage deposit and the balance is refunded to you.

What counts as damages?

Any furnishing, fixture, or item found in the villa that is broken, damaged, stained or missing. In the case of excessive mess or dirtiness of the villa, if additional cleaning is required, the cost of such will be deducted from the damage deposit. Please note that as the villas are all independently owned, we are required to charge for any item that is damaged, broken, stained or missing.

Why does it take a couple days to get my damage deposit back?

The housekeeper must go through the villa properly, ensuring that everything is accounted for. If something is damaged or missing, a replacement cost must be sourced.

How is my damage deposit refunded?

Your damage deposit is refunded based on your method of payment. If you paid by credit card your damage deposit will be refunded to your card. If you paid by bank deposit then a cheque will be deposited to your account once you furnish us with your correct bank deposit information.

Why aren't my sheets and towels changed every day?

In an effort to be Eco-friendly and conserve water and energy, sheets and towels are changed every 3 days during your stay

Can I get an early check in and late check out?

Standard check in is 2PM and check out is 11AM. Once available, we offer a complimentary early check in of 10AM and check out of 2PM. If you would like to ensure the availability of this, or need to check in a little earlier or stay a little later, there is an additional fee. Please note that if you take the complimentary offer subject to availability, this can change at any time due to last minute bookings.

Can I bring my puppy?

No, at this time none of the villas allow animals on their property.

Is it customary to tip the housekeeper?

Yes, it is customary but this is purely at your discretion. If you have received good service, a tip for the housekeeper would be a kind gesture – the amount is up to you.