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  • PriceTT$9,000
    • 1,037 sq. ft. of commercial space just off Milford Road. In this prime location, the space consists of an open-plan area of 700 sq. ft. with two side spaces of 160 sq. ft. each. There are also 2 store cupboards and toilet... More Info

Pascal Village Ext.

- Claude Noel Highway
  • PriceTT$29,000
    • 2,900 Sq.Ft. of office space on the 2nd floor of this newly renovated building, close to the Signal Hill/Lambeau traffic lights. There are unobstructed views of the South-West of the island. The elevator is currently under construction. Parking is... More Info
no photo
  • PriceTT$2,500
  • Land Size9,650sq.ft.
    • A fenced parcel of land for lease in lower Scarborough in the Kings Well area. Crooks river runs through the middle of the... More Info
  • PriceTT$5,000
    • Two 600 sq.ft. office spaces, which can be combined to 1,200 sq.ft. in a prime location in Upper... More Info
  • PriceTT$18,792
  • Bathrooms2
    • 1,856sq.ft. of commercial space in Upper Scarborough, consisting of a ground floor and basement. This is ideal for a restaurant, or retail... More Info