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  • PriceTT$1,800,000
  • Land Size21,622 sq.ft.
    • 21,622 sq.ft. of prime residential land in peaceful Glennick Terrace in Mt. Irvine, and all utilities are at hand. This well established area sits nestled within easy access to all main points of Grafton, Crown Point and... More Info
  • PriceTT$1,600,000
  • Land Size26,903 sq.ft.
    • A sloping parcel of 26,903 sq.ft. located near the Kimmie Museum in this upscale neighborhood. There are spectacular sea views over Buccoo Reef from this... More Info
  • PriceTT$1,000,000
  • Land Size21,631 sq.ft.
    • Residential parcel in Mt. Irvine development with a lovely view of Buccoo Reef and the Caribbean Sea. The land rises up from the... More Info
  • PriceTT$1,900,000
  • Land Size21,237 sq.ft.
    • A gently sloping corner parcel of land in the popular Mt. Irvine area. The land has all utilities available and rises up from the... More Info
  • PriceTT$1,600,000
  • Land Size13,029.75 sq.ft.
    • A flat 13,029 sq.ft. parcel of land with 221 feet of beach frontage in the quaint and pretty village of Parlatuvier. Excellent spot for a beach home or small boutique... More Info
  • PriceTT$795,000
  • Land Size12,523 sq.ft.
    • An almost flat parcel of land located just off Northside road near to the President's House. This lot is perfect for... More Info
  • PriceTT$1,275,000
  • Land Size75,121.33 sq.ft.
    • Approximately 1 3/4 Acres of variably sloping land at the end of a quiet grassy road. The land has a fabulous sea view, but utilities would need to be run to the... More Info
  • PriceTT$16,000,000
  • Land Size10 Acres
    • A dramatic 10 acre property off Roxborough between Queen's Bay and King's Bay. The terrain on the island is variably sloping and grass covered, with some bushes and trees on the leeward slopes. Travelling time to Queen's Island is ½ hour... More Info
  • PriceTT$1,400,300
  • Land Size10,954.2 sq.ft.
    • A 10,954sq.ft parcel bounding one of the lily ponds in this gated luxury development. This parcel is located closer to the entrance of the development and the security booth which is manned... More Info
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  • PriceTT$1,000,000
  • Land Size7302.22 sq.ft.
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  • PriceTT$1,240,000
  • Land Size9,900 sq.ft.
    • A flat residential parcel with approved building plans int he much sought-after Samaan Grove... More Info
  • PriceTT$895,000
  • Land Size6,694 sq.ft.
    • A flat 6,694 sq.ft. leasehold parcel of land in the gated Samaan Grove... More Info
  • PriceTT$740,000
  • Land Size10,074 sq.ft.
    • A very gently sloping parcel of land with freehold title, comprising 10,074... More Info
  • PriceTT$2,500,000
  • Land Size21,507 sq.ft.
    • Half an acre with an old house, located on a main road, overlooking Rockley Bay and Scarborough. This property is ideally located for apartments, a boutique hotel or guesthouse, restaurant/bar, legal offices and more. Excellent investment... More Info


- Scarborough
  • PriceTT$4,500,000
  • Land Size56,000 sq.ft.
    • 56,000 sq.ft. of land in close proximity to Scarborough that is ideal for development or warehousing. This is a good commercial... More Info
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